A Checklist before selecting a VOIP service

It had been flaunted everywhere that implementing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service would definitely save a small business from some extra expenses compared to a traditional telephony service. This idea has led to many businesses  deciding to shift from the traditional service to a VoIP centric one. The idea is that why should they pay more for a service that can provide the exact same thing, at a lesser price.
However, the truth is that while VoIP services are generally cheaper, there are still deals in the market that would enable a business to get more out of their money. The key then is being able to select a VoIP service provider that can provide inexpensive pricing without sacrificing the features that the business needs.

Some tips to follow when selecting a service are:

  1. Check existing and planned IT infrastructure – At the very basic level, a VoIP service would need an internet connection and either computers for a softphone or a hardphone. The owner of the business should ensure that he has access to ample bandwidth to support the connections and good quality computers or VOIP hardphones.
  2. Research first before committing to a provider – Despite the prevalence of big names and their proprietary protocols that flaunt better connections, the truth is that there are also lesser known companies that are able to provide equal services. More often than not, proprietary protocols may cost more, even if they essentially provide the same features as their lesser known services.
  3. Check the features of the service and the package – Simply saying to a VoIP provider that a telephony service is needed is not enough. Each provider has their own package and set of protocols that they use to implement their service. For example, the Asterisk PBX could provide voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution for the small business.

Following this checklist would definitely help in making sure that the small business would be able to get the most out of their VOIP services.

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