Making VOIP More Mobile

“Cheaper than other kinds of phone services” is the usual benefit flaunted by the multitude of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) users all over the country. With rates of such VoIP services dropping , everyone from personal users,  small businesses and even big corporations have considered implementing such a service for their internal and external means of communications.

However, the biggest concern for those who would like to adapt a VoIP service as their primary means of communication is that this kind of telephony service is not as widespread to individual users as compared to their landline based counterparts. Hence, many are apprehensive to adapt for fear of downtime and unclear communications.

This dilemma is slowly being remedied by many applications and devices that have slowly made VoIP much more mobile. Previously, clear communications through it without a VOIP hardphone or a computer is difficult or nearly impossible but nowadays, this technology is adapting to become more in tune with the fast paced world.

Before, VoIP to cellular based phones are hard to come by. For those that do offer the service, there are issues with clarity and connections that people would rather call “normally”. Nowadays, many mobile phones have features that enable a type of VoIP application such as Skype. The use of such is widespread as proven by the fact that Skype for Apple’s IPhone has reached 2 million downloads.


Even Nokia and Skype have partnered by making Skype software come pre-loaded onto some Nokia N-series phones, beginning with the Nokia N97. By having a VoIP client pre-loaded into a handset, users can send instant messages or make low cost calls utilizing a VoIP infrastructure and not through GSM.

Even gamers are getting in on the act. The PSP, starting with their 3.90 firmware have made provisions for using VoIP communications through the portable console. The design of the newest PSP (the PSP-3000 series) has a built in microphone for this service.

With VoIP becoming more and more mobile, those who are adapting to such a service are getting more guarantees that they’re communication methods would be more connected.  Perhaps soon, even other  VoIP services such as Asterisk and the like, would make their own mobile solutions.

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