Noel Pili – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pili brings over 20 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. His areas of expertise in marketing include print, seminars & trade shows, multimedia & technology, digital marketing and television & radio. His extensive experience in technology and process improvements, plays a large roll in each project, maximizing profits and productivity. Lastly, his dedication to his clients and to the quality of his work proves time and time again to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and lower production costs.

Cedric P. Castillo – Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Castillo is a distinguished Information Technology Professional with more than two decades of expertise in strategic and operational planning, full-scope information technology (IT) service delivery, leveraging IT, intranet or internet, e-commerce, call center operations, consulting, troubleshooting, effective customer relations, re-engineering and business process improvement, financial management, management of outsourced services, competitive procurements, purchasing, negotiations, contracting, private or corporation best practices, and general administration.