Choosing where to Market:

For beginners in the social media marketing field, they would

Choosing where to Market:

Posted on: September 27, 2013
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For beginners in the social media marketing field, they would often have this misconception that it does not really matter where they market, as long as it is done on a popular site and do it well enough.  While this may hold some truth, it does not show the whole picture. The whole image is that a good social media marketing campaign would actually take into account the best place to market. This fact is shown by the recent study conducted on the marketing trends of both Twitter and Facebook. Companies that have done promotions on both of these platforms have realized that Twitter seems to drive more traffic to their sites or more purchases for their services. Twitter vs. Facebook: This is a startling revelation as people may initially think that both are very famous social media platforms. Some may even say that Facebook is more popular and is used by more people, and offers much more than Twitter. However, the difference lies in the fact that both play different niches. It had been summarized in a popular quote saying, “Facebook is for the people you know while Twitter is for those you want to know.” For Twitter users, they often see it as a way to find out about new things. Twitter inherently shows you news tags of people or brands that you follow. On the other hand, “liking” a page on Facebook does not automatically mean that you would see the posts or the said brand's updates. This is because of the abbreviated feed that Facebook provides to the users. As such, if Facebook doesn’t feel like the business post is relevant, then you may not be able to see them at all. Again, this is not a knock on Facebook or praise of Twitter; it just shows that both sites would have their own niches and that you should know which among them to use for your company’s needs.

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