How to respond to a social media attack:

One of the things that social media and social networking

How to respond to a social media attack:

Posted on: September 20, 2013
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One of the things that social media and social networking sites had truly led to is the ease of how to spread opinions and information throughout everyone. A simple status update or a Twitter post would already reach a large number of people. Unfortunately, this kind of power is often used irresponsibly. People would state potentially damaging statements even if they would not back check to see if they would actually have any worth. This even moves into various businesses wherein some people would release malicious or untrue statements about their services or products. So what will one do if their business is suddenly at the end of this kind of social media attack? Here are some of the better ways to respond to them. Create a presence where the attack originated and spread: The best way to combat it would be to respond civilly to the comments or negative statements made. To do this, you may want to create an online presence where the statements are being spread and made. You can create an official Twitter account or perhaps a Facebook profile so that you will be able to make official statements that would negate or explain whatever it is that the people are saying about your company. Ignore: Another method would be to ignore the statements that are being made. Of course, this path should be done only if you assess that the statements that are being made about your company are too ludicrous or petty to respond to. If the statements are not incendiary words and are not damaging to the company’s reputation or bottom line, then perhaps you can just let it go. This is because responding to them can create a negative backlash about your company not being secure enough to take negative comments said by people.

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