Checking your BPO partners

Because many companies have seen the benefits of Business Process

Checking your BPO partners

Posted on: August 31, 2012
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Because many companies have seen the benefits of Business Process Outsourcing, the market for BPOs has considerably grown larger and has now included more and more players. These players try to get everyone, from small businesses to major corporations, to sign up and outsource some of their tasks to them. Of course, when the market expands and more and more Business Process Outsourcing companies come into the field, you can also expect that some cannot provide good services but would rather rip off your company’s money. As such, it would be quite important to do some checks with a potential BPO partner before you start trusting them with the tasks that you would like to outsource. Here are some checks that you could do to ensure that you are not getting lemons as your BPO partner: Ask for references from previous clients: You may want to ask the BPO company to provide you with a reference from the previous clients they worked with.  This would enable you to check if they are actually in good standing with their previous clients or if there are complaints levied against them. By asking for references, you would also know if they still have some work that they are not able to complete, so that you would be able to gauge just how worthy the BPO company actually is. Ask for demonstrations of their services: You should also request a demonstration of the services they would provide you before signing the contract. This is because some companies can talk about what they can do but do not actually have the necessary infrastructure, equipment, or know-how to pull it off. Of course, you should not rely on just demonstrations. It would be best to negotiate a trial period to really check the service's efficiency that they try to sell to you.

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