New Outsourced services

When people think of outsourcing, the usual mindset is that

New Outsourced services

Posted on: September 6, 2013
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When people think of outsourcing, the usual mindset is that it is used for call centers (both outbound and inbound calls), business processes (data entry and encoding), and even some HR functions (payroll assistance). This mentality was fostered because these were the usual things outsourced by small businesses to other companies. However, since the outsourcing industry seems to have gotten stronger even after the recession, you would be able to realize that the services that it caters to seem to be expanding. Nowadays, things that are thought to be too critical to be trusted to an outside company are slowly getting outsourced. This is just an indication that there are now plenty of new services that utilize outsourcing. Some examples of these are: E-governance Services As the name implies, the e-governance services are those services that are usually provided by a government to their citizens. The power of telecommunications has to lead to governments from other countries contracting companies based outside of the country. An example of a usually outsourced e-governance service would be office database systems. The government would usually outsourced services such as IT skills to get expert advice, new infrastructure, and skilled staff that would help supplements their lacking knowledge of current and emerging IT technologies. Healthcare services: Another growing trend in small business outsourcing would be the services related to healthcare. Some companies are doing pharmaceutical research and other similar tasks, while there are also more clerical but medical-related jobs such as transcription services. These new outsourced services in healthcare and government show that there seems to be no limit about the scope that outsourcing can tackle. You can expect that more kinds of services would be made available in the future. That is why it may be good to consider a good outsourcing partner to prepare you for this transition.

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