Reviewing your relationship with your outsourcing partner

You may already be using an outsourcing partner for the

Reviewing your relationship with your outsourcing partner

Posted on: April 20, 2012
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You may already be using an outsourcing partner for the efficient operations of your small business. However, remember that no matter how comfortable you are right now, you should always check for the things you might improve on. One of the things that you could review would be your relationship with your outsourcing partner. You could check if having them around is truly beneficial for your business. Here are some factors that you may want to check to be able to evaluate your outsourcing partner truly:

Quality of the Deliverables: You should always check the performance of your outsource partner when it comes to deliverables. After all, this is the most important thing that binds you and your outsourcing partner. Deliverables are the project's tangible end product, and it could come as an actual document, a service, or even reports. When you check the deliverables' quality, the two main things that you should look for are if they were able to do it on time (beating the deadlines) and according to specifications that you have set (perhaps even exceeding it). Costs: Even if you are already in a good business relationship with a reliable outsourcing service partner, it would still be prudent to check the costs of maintaining that outsource partner. You should check if the costs are truly justified or other providers may be willing to do a similar task for a lower price. Of course, you should not just consider the price; you should also check for the quality of the work that other outsourcing partners can give you.  If you feel that you will get something similar, it would be better to make a switch. If you find that they are falling short in these aspects, it may be high time to search for a better one to make your small business prosper.

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