Social Media investigation

While social media and social networking sites had always been

Social Media investigation

Posted on: September 18, 2013
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While social media and social networking sites had always been controversial, there is a new trend or a new divisive buzz concerning the medium. This is the fact that there seem to be some companies that are doing some employee and applicant investigation through the various social networking sites. This means that the staff from Human Resources and hiring managers would now browse through a social networking site and see various comments, interests, and other information about a certain candidate or employee. They would then let these findings affect their judgments as to whether that person is a good hire/employee or someone that they should pass over or fire. Controversy: Of course, the controversy is that many people feel that doing social network or social media investigation is somewhat unfair. This is because people would often let their guard down on social media sites and interact in a way that does not really showcase their skills, knowledge, abilities, or overall fit for the job. On the other hand, recruiters are saying that the way you behave online through the various social media sites reflects how you may act once you are working for the company that you are applying to or even already an employee in. If you are rude or crass online, then there is a higher chance that you would do the same thing once you are a part of the company. What people can do: Since there are really no restrictions so far regarding the investigations through social media or social networking sites, the best you can do would be to protect yourself by being careful about what you put in them. Aside from putting your private profile, you should always keep your best foot forward, even if the medium is through online means. Always try to be respectful and keep in mind that strangers may be viewing your profile.

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