Some disadvantages of social network marketing

After hearing about all of the benefits of social network

Some disadvantages of social network marketing

Posted on: May 29, 2012
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After hearing about all of the benefits of social network marketing, many people may think it is the magic bullet for all your advertising and promotion issues. This is not the case; however, there are actually some disadvantages that you could encounter because of social network marketing. Here are some samples of those disadvantages: It would need continuous maintenance: The thing with social network marketing and social networks, in general, is that you would need to be always updated about it. If you forget about updating your page, you run the risk that people would forget you as it would be buried in the dozens of updates of other pages that your viewers may also be following. That is why you should ensure that you would always have someone who would continually update your site for you if you cannot do it yourself. You would be exposed to targeted negative comments: One of the biggest drawbacks of social network marketing is that it would allow your detractors to have a main target for all their criticism (whether valid or not). The problem with this is that people interested in your company may be easily turned off by seeing all the negative things about your small business once they log in to your social network page. While negative criticism is not bad, it could become quite problematic if you can easily respond to it if your company has some struggles in replying to it. This is because the people who visit your social network page may think that your company is conceding the point of the criticisms lobbied against it. As you can see, social network marketing does have its disadvantages. Thus, you must first see if your small business can handle these drawbacks before you apply it to your marketing efforts.

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