When Social networks backfire

It can’t be denied that social networks such as Facebook

When Social networks backfire

Posted on: August 21, 2012
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It can’t be denied that social networks such as Facebook ad twitter have really cast a big shadow when it comes to online marketing. Nowadays, it would be quite rare for a company to not have a presence in these social networking sites. As such, plenty of small businesses are trying their hands on it, in the hopes of achieving promotion for their brand. The problem with this is that if done incorrectly, using social network for brand promotion can actually backfire and do more harm to your brand. That is why it would really be important that you know what you are doing so that you would not be on the wrong end of your social network promotion. Here are a couple of examples of situations wherein utilizing Social Networks may backfire: Easy way to place criticisms One of the problems that can arise if you would put up your business’ social networking page would be that it could become a hub for all the negative criticisms that people would have about your business. People can easily make their complaints public which could easily turn off the people who are just new to your product and may have had some interest about it. Thus, it would be important to be able to moderate the comments, and to check which of these criticisms are valid, and which were just made to detract from your business. Maintenance issues: You should understand that social networks would need constant maintenance in order to be effective. If you forget or become delinquent with your updates then people may think that your company is not doing well or is not capable of doing the business even if it is actually performing well. As such, you should be quite vigilant when it comes to your updates, and be responsible enough to maintain your social networking page.

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